Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rapido Trains announces the Budd RDC-1s in HO Commonwealth Railways AN CB class railcar

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We it has finally happened, one of the most dedicated overseas manufactures Rapido Trains, has announced a Budd RDC-1, in HO.  I had the pleasure of checking out Dave's Canadian passenger train, observation coach, the detail was amazing! it even had the glass frosting on the interior glass panels.

It looks like they will be offering the phase I RDC-1, which Commonwealth Railways Purchased and classed CB.  the Rapido Trains model will have two motors under the floor so you can see right through the windows, and available with sound, and you guessed it, un numbered, un lettered.
I will be reserving two of theses, and happy to wait for a next level model, full interior, lighting, sound DCC all on a sesame seed bun!

Here is CB on an iron Triangle service at Keswick passenger terminal in January 1989

Check out the link.

I think this is closest to the AN CB class, RDC-1 Phase 1b.

Some other pictures CB
and here..........

looks like there should still be some interesting mods, sweet!
Iron triangle here we come!

Thanks scott

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