Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trailerail Rolling stock question answered

Hi All

Jim has asked for info on AN rolling stock as follows:

Hi Scott, Brilliant stuff given me a few good idea. I have had an interest in AN since they arrived here in WA. Not having much space I decided to model a train for a shelf, the train is trailerrail as you will know was set up in Perth some time ago. I have attached a video clip below which I took in Kal. The reason for the inquiry is I wish to model the barrier wagon and crew accommodation coach along with what seems like a compressor wagon which I see three such models in these pages, can you point me in the right direction.

The Crew Accommodation coach is an AN brake relay van AVDP. BGB made a kit awhile back.
The "barrier" wagon is an AN articulated container wagon AQEY with a towing frame, and spare bogie carrier.  At this point I think this is a scratch build, contact islingtonplans@bigpond.com or phone: 08 8352 3339

I hope this helps you out.



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  1. Australian Model Railway Magazine also has a number of relevant articles - one of them described the 'barrier' wagon in enough detail for modelling:

    Issue #235, August 2002
    "Revolution in Motion - Australian National Roadrailer" by Darren Thomas

    Issue #217, August 1999
    "Kitbashing Trailerail Trailers" by Ian McIntyre