Friday, September 4, 2009

Barcoola and Alice Springs no grade

Hi Guys

I am happy with the arrangement of Alice Springs yard and industrial area. The industrial area has been slightly modified, after a bit of google earthing as follows:
The Mobil facility was extended, both sidings and fuel station.
Kleenheat Gas has been added including the siding.
Adelaide Brighton Cement was extended.
All other sidings have been deleted.
Ghan Road has been continued right though to Smith street as per prototype.

Barcoola has a double reverse curve added.
555Km Quarry siding has been reversed and the siding sneeks back into Bow River yard,but not into controlled territory.

Hevatree Gap has been widened to include the Todd River.
Plenty of room has been provided for aisle way up and down Alice Springs yard, as in this version there would be plenty of traffic to and from Bow River.

The down side is we loose the triangle at Bow River, not happy jan!!.
Plus is a possible location for a triangle turning power at Barcoola.

Anyway, Planning is now in the polishing stage.

Phase I Alice Springs yard can be put into production, regardless of the final configuation. Phase I will be Alice Springs with a temp fiddle yard. So Board construction can commence.



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