Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barcoola old scenery boards on a diet

Hi All
As of tonight four of the old scenery boards have gone on a diet and have been substantualy lighten. I thought that there was not much weight loss, until I picked up two un-modified boards and realised that the weight loss was more than I first thought. Although these boards are not as light as the foam boards they will be easier to move around and set up at exhibitions, which is the aim of this exercise.
Total thicknesses removed are 60mm, +60mm, +60mm and +80mm.
In this arrangement we should be able to all the scenery boards and ancilary bits in to the one trailer.
The modified boards are to be re-wired, for straight DCC operation. A Re build of the final yard board has also been considered, removing the "live" frog points with dead frog points, will limit the number of shorts.

Alice Springs
I am still fiddling with the arrangment of Bow River and Barcoola. Hevatree gap, I needed more width currently I wanted to add the rock work, Stuart Hwy, Todd River and more rock work. This would add 5 and a Half foot wide section. I was also not happy with the closeness of the hwy overpass. So I have removed all but one. The model of 555km Quarry is gone but it has been converted to single run off track with a 36 inch minumum radi
Barcoola as been modified to add more storage sidings, but these are dead ended, to make the track arrangment more like Tarcoola. These sidings are have the capacity for one entire train.

Anyway I will put up a scan of the new diagram when the scanner stops sptiting the dummy at me.
I still have to figure out the final grades, and this will depend on the final placement of Barcoola.

Glen has started on cattle wagons for barcoola MKII, and these will be right at home going to Bow River, thanks man.


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