Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barcoola MKII new board construction pictures

Hi All

I have uploaded 5 pictures of the construction process.

The first picture shows the completed frame with 12mm ply ends and 3mm base. The centre line of the track is shown on the 3mm MDF. wiring connectors are upside down, and are shown as 140mm size MDF squares.

The second picture, shows the acrilyic sealant applied, ready for application of the foam base.

The third picture, shows the 50mm foam cut out ready for installation into the base. Cut outs have been made for wiring to pass through the boards, and access holes for attaching the wire droppers from the track to the bus wires.

The fourth picture, shows the base foam installed with the bus wiring also installed.

The fifth picture, shows the 30mm sandwich sections in place making the embankment for both mainlines, erosion ruts were made using a hot wire cutter, with the remaining scenery was completed using left over contruction site foam, shaped again using a hot wire cutter. sections were all glued together using acrilyic sealant.

More following.


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