Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pilbara stuff

Hi All

I know its off topic but, just a little hint of a future layout, these models were completed by me. But are in the safe hands of a mate.

the HI C36-7 is a off the shelf Altas C30-7, and appropriately painted, putting on those individual letters was a real chore.
The C628, is painted to represent 2000, as plinthed outside 7mile yard. (prior to fading). Again decaling was a chore. The model is a Stewart Hobbies C628.
The SD50S is a kit bash from a Rail Power Products SD60 body on a Athearn SD40-2 mechanism.
The SD40, is a Kato SD40, painted BHP Biliton, the colour matching was accomplished by checking out the left over paint from a then recent repaint. As you can see I have paired this up with the bachmann model you can see the colour diferential. Not that it realy matter considering they both need a coating of Pilbara dust.



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