Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glen's RZAY

Hi All

Ultra modern rolling stock for Barcoola Glen’s RZAY
Glen has visited this week, an has bought along some of his handy work, including a RZAY relay van, features include.
Correct end detail with the vent in the old communication door.
Carefully filed A/C pod vents, on the prototype they are covered over with stainless steel.
Appropriate windows blanked off.
Skirting detail removed and exposed fame modelled in its place.
Moulded on steps removed, and correct re-built steps modelled, complete with plastic see though grills.
Lima bogies replaced with Walthers spare parts bogies, which have the correct lateral shock absorber. In the process glen lowered the coach to the correct overall height.
The roof is removable, so that interior detail can be added.
Buffer beam and skirting detail has been added to both ends.


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