Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A lttle shunting layout in Kewdale Sadliers Depot WA

Above is the track diagram for the Sadlier's terminal

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Attached are some pictures of a potential shunting layout nestled in the industrial area of Kewdale. This consists of a small ex dual gauge yard with lots of industry tracks. Today the area services Sadliers, which use ex NSW NLKYs and assorted flats for shipping of goods to an from the eastern states. Previously to this they also serviced Kalgoorlie WA, with WBAX vans. Thus would be a very busy shunting area.

I paced out the area and have a track diagram which I will up load, with more detail of the operations.

Hi All

I have added some more shots of the Sadliers terminal in Kewdale, lots of ex NLJYs in various liveries, just begging to be modelled, in discussion with Kieran the PN shunter is used to sunt this terminal, could be a 80 class, 81 or NR, but also would have been possible for a ARG L, Q or AC. The trackage curves into the terminal, and check out the ultra modern "goods" shed. Containerised traffic also use this yard.
lots of inspriation.



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  1. If space is limited in size and layout location the new Spotswoods depot in Melbourne would make a nice alternative.