Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Barcoola and Alice Springs update

Hi All

We have test fitted Barcoola in Jon's new trailer, and success it all fits including all the legs lights and various boxes. The layout is currently in the Train room, in its packed up state, this is due to it needing to go to another exhibition later this year. In will advise when we get closer to the time. I have also been playing with the plan of Alice Springs, and have settled on a interim plan with the Fiddle yard from Barcoola supplementing this design. I have also decided to reduce the length of the yard slightly, shocking i know..... This will enable operation of the entire yard and one end of the fiddle yard without the need to duck under anything. This is just one of the things that currently bugs me about Barcoola.
I have also decided to add more sidings in the industrial area, more in line with the 1993 era.


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