Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alice Springs industrial trackage

Hi All

With thanks to Doug,

Here is some shots of the Alice Springs industrial line to Sadabin's Mobil siding, taken around 2004.

Here is a TITIAN pnumatic contcrete container. These container arrive in Alice Springs by train. A similar version was used in 1993 for the same purpose.

The Adelaide Brighton Cement plant

A close up of the silos

Note the siding in the foreground going to Kleen Gas, the next one up goes to the steel distributer.

Note the kick back point is still in place that was used for storage and as per the 1980 plans what looks like an end loading platform.

In my version of Alice Springs the board for this area will only be about 1ft wide. This is the trade off for access to both sides of Alice Springs yard.



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  1. Hey Scott, Just a minor correction. I took the shots in August 2007. Cheers Doug