Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VCSX models

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The VCSX was a very regular wagon on most SP3 services ex Port Augusta, these would arive from Adelaide on Whyalla steel trains, be dropped off at Port Augusta for marshalling into SP3 services to Perth. Loaded they would be appropriately tarpped, on the empty return the tarps would be folded and tied down in one of the craddles. The Auscision tarps fit snuggly over the frames. From the photos I have in the 1993 era. The blue tarps seem to be dominant. Although I did spot a VCSX with a National Rail tarp. This was one of the first things that NRC released.

The construction of this model, enables the moddeler to model a empty or loaded car. Detail is impressive. As you can see by the prototype photos, if modeling in the wagon in the empty configuration. you are going to need to paint the rubber coil protection pads, a rubber colour.

The Tarps are a good representation, it won't take long to make them a bit more beaten up., rub off the lettering, simulate some patches etc.

Data plate and loading instructions.

An RCSF at Spencer Junction 2004, still with V/line paint.

Prototype end detail, note the different hand brake wheels.

interior and side detail.

End detail

With Tarps fitted.

This model will be a welcome addtion Barcoola for SP3 - PS2 services. The only down side to this model is its too light weight, and I can't see much space in it to add the weight. I will see how I go and share any tips etc later.



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