Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shots from Glen's Digy vault

Hi All

Thanks to Glen, I would like to share some of the more every day, shots of northern operations. With a bit of a twist.

Here is a EL63 leading a CLF and VL, I am guessing this a AD1 service. Its good to see the EL desert running again.... Anyway looks like the Alice Springs loading is on the front. With DG requirements, we see for PTMY Sadabin tankers separated from the lead units, and further down again seperated by a FQAY is a PTLY LPG tanker. Thus distributed through out the train, simply to satisfy DG requirements.

Here is a shot of a proper "shue fly" when something like a wash out occurs as seen above. A temporary track is laid around the washout and then operations can continue, with restrictions. From a modeling point of view, a feature worth considering.

You could have a replaceable section of your layout, to illustrate a washaway. Thus a heavy speed restriction and grade. "railway furniture" will include. Speed boards, equipment for repair. Train orders issued would note this as a restriction as would the TC12.



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