Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Auscision models AN ABFX weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

In the process of weathering Alice Springs trackage, I got the urge to get into weathering.
So here is some examples of Auscision's ABFX, and how I weathered them.

Here is a green ABFX which was faded then weathered.  I started with a mix of Humbrol paints, a little bit of green, white and importantly blue, as you can see by photos, check out Norm Bray's site, its on the link bar on the right.  You will find that green mostly fades the yellow out of the pigment, thus this is a very important step.  This can be described a a heavy wash.

I also forgot how easy it is to work with Humbrol paints, and the pigments can always be resurected .  Once the  fade wash has cured, there needs to be a bit of definition between the outside ribs and the body panels, the ribs will have things constantly rubbing against them where as the panels won't..  After this I added rust colour into the roof panels and side panels.
to bind all these colours all together , a dusting of Acufex custom mixed road grime, over the roof and under the body, and on an extreme angle on the sides.  a light dusting of grimy black, and follow up with a light but consistent coat of matt clear.  All that is left to do is a wash of matt black for the bogie detail.

 I also accomplish something very similar on the ANR ABFX, but just started with a grimy wash.

Here is a shot of all three.


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