Friday, February 8, 2013

An inspirational layout, the magnolia route

Every now and then a layout comes up that is pure inspiration, one such layout is the MAG, a Southern state USA layout.
Given that the foot print of this layout is 6 ft longer than, what I have for Alice Springs, he has made the MAG with some intelligent design.  I am not a fan of double deck layouts, but I am impressed with the MAG.  I was worried about building the small amount that is required, for Alice Springs, and realized that I should just suck it up.  When you build New Orleans Union station without compression, wow impressive.
Anyway if you want some real inspiration, check out the website MISSISSIPPI ALABAMA & GULF.

I also like the mini scenes that he has created, I usually don't like to have people on a layout, but I just might be swayed.
Finally check out his large buildings, spectacular!
Also check out Great Model Railroads, latest issue as this has a feature article on the MAG, (its all Doug's fault)



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