Friday, February 22, 2013

Austrains VPCX weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

As an interim step I decided to use Austrains VPCX's for delivering concrete to the industrial siding for Adelaide Brighton Cement.

So here is my first attempt in weathering a concrete wagon, first start with a diluted mix of matt white, and a touch of grey no. 64, this will knock off the plastic colour off the Vline brown.
Then apply a wash of varying strength, working on the nooks and crannies of the wagon, this will show the lighter colour after a application of a heavier wash of matt 64.

A spray of Accuflex road grime and a touch of grimy black.
Finally a coat of matt clear will complete the job.

I also recommend that you swap out the couplers for Kadee No. 5's.



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  1. Hi Scott. Love your modeling & especially the weathering on these VPCX wagons. Can i just clarify 1 error regarding you calling them concrete wagons. The VPCX wagons carry powdered cement which is discharged by way of pneumatic extraction. i.e pipes from the factory or cement works are connected to pipes on your wagon & through vaccum (like a household vaccum cleaner), the dry powdered cement is sucked out of the wagon. Concrete as you call your wagons is a very heavy fluid (liquid), material made up of powdered cement, sand, stone & water & carried in vehicles that have a way of agitating the material to keep it in a liquid state.
    Your average road vehicle truck cement mixer has an agitator with internal steel baffles that rotates continuously to keep concrete in a liquid state. If Concrete was carried in the VPCX wagons it would harden to a solid state before the train wagons reached there destination & would be almost impossible to remove short of blowing the wagon up to bits to remove said hardened concrete. This technical bit of trivia was proven on the (USA) tv show Mythbusters some time ago when the show crew purposely added concrete to a truck cement mixer & let it harden &, then tried to use Jackhammers to remove said hardened concrete with little success. In the end the tv crew had to litearlly BLOW up the truck cement mixer in order to remove said concrete
    Sorry to sound like a pain & i'm not flaming you. Just my $5.00's worth of comment.