Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday for the layout A Town Like Alice

Hi All

The layout A Town Like Alice is now two years old, and celebrate this milestone, the final boards for Bow River have been completed.
I have roughed in the trackage, so there is a mainline passing loop and goods siding, of the good siding are for kick back sidings, one for Cattle, three for storage, a run-around, and end loading.

 Marking out the curves for entry into the fiddle yard.

 Another creature comfort is the walkway carpet I added in the walkways, this has reduced the fatigue for the operators, some will still require a chair, so this is also provided.
 In the interim between actually building industries, I have created these cards to let the operators know which industry is where and what it will accept, additionally where there is an unprotected crossing, I have clear instructions to the crew, for that the need to do, when crossing.

So happy second birthday to A town Like Alice.



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