Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alice Springs and a eureka moment

Hi All

I have been racking my brain as how to get the Mereenie Oil Sidings and Bow Rivers cattle sidings, and thanks to an inspirational operating session and long lunch, thanks to Jon Michael, John and Kattie.

I think I have cracked it.

 With the fiddle yard complete, things are starting to come together.
 I have decided to put Mereenie Oil sidings up against the back drop and go to a dead end, probably with a spring switch, so that you don't have to manually attend to the south switch.
 The mainline curves off the Bow River Bridge, and comes onto Bow river yard.  Three tracks and a kick back siding with a run around track and storage.
 the cattle sidings looking south.
 The entrance to the fiddle yard.
 An overview.

 New trackage at the north of the yard.

 The positioning of the new crossover in the middle of the yard.



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