Friday, January 31, 2014

Barcoola and Alice Springs layout happenings and G220 in VR livery

Hi All

To keep you all informed as to what is going on.

I have come to the realisation that no everyone has the access to either the stuff that I have or has the passion to do what I do, but wants to model it.

I have been going through older stock, etc and placing these on on Ebay.  This has shown me, that there are other modellers of AN out there and they need wagons, containers etc that are just not available.

Thus, if I wish to encourage the modelling of one of the greatest transport operations in Australia, I am in a position to do it.

So as I am working on certain projects, I will try to do additional items.  Therefore, this should further encourage modelling AN.  It might work, it might not, only one way to find out!!

Operational sessions.

At operator request, I will initiate some type of regular operational sessions.  This again will be great for inspiration and working any bugs out of the layout.

I need to do the final push and complete the trackage for Alice Springs.

Other changes in Alice Springs.

I needed a dedicated modelling area, that was clear of living areas, so I have removed the computer desk from the bedroom and knocked it down and it now resided in the middle of the layout.
End result of the decision is that, things are getting a bit crowded in the layout room.
Solve one requires "solving".

Getting organised, 

With the movement of the work bench into the layout area, I have had to be very careful with the storage.
The work bench is on wheels and will fit under the layout, sweet!
I have decided to replace some of the legs with Aluminium box tubing to give maximum space under the layout.
Storage boxes with wheels will solve all the other storage problems.

Access to the layout and the work bench.
Ducking under the layout, every time I need to get to the work bench is not the best way to do things.
I have a simple solve, remove the corner board, so that there is easy access, I can still work the layout, even better, just that there is a directional problem, trains have to come from Darwin.

G5220 in VR livery.

Michael dropped in during the week and brought his G220, what a laugh!  Rumour is it, that this and 8101 in Tuscan are high volume sellers already.

Here's some picture of the first G class in VR livery no less at Alice Springs.

The model looks as is should, "sort of" when I get the BLs I will do a review.

Michael was telling me in the VR modelling world this has caused a complete "flap' on the discussion forums.
This livery was not the final version that Austrains wanted, more closer to the wide body versions B and S class etc.  I reckon one in tea cup would have sent them over the edge, might have even gone postal!

The Geelong Exhibition.

After a long time, I managed to catch up with the man at Austrains, its an impressive track record for the Victorian Modeller, C, T, X, Y and now G classes.  As I said, you deliver to the most demanding modeller, on the face of the planet, next to the UK.  VR and NSWGR, I don't know how you do it and stay sane! They should have kept going with the Flat top T and the P, modellers would have had the P class in their hands by now.
I suggest they do V56, not quite sure he got the point! The VR must have very thing, is strong in this one (in the voice of Yoda) ((pre Disney fication))

On the down side, if you procrastinated about getting a CL class from Austrains, its all too late, they are all sold out!

The exhibition was a breath of fresh air, there was two layouts that were new to me, and Doug needed a bib when looking at "Gordon".
I should have brought the camera! damit!

If I spot it again I will point the camera at it.

Other layouts.

Life does not stand still, I have three layout designs current pushing the back of my head.
Port Augusta - Whyalla walk in version
Pilbara with GML and BHP and FMG, walk in version
BNSF as is Paine field always was walk in!



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