Monday, January 27, 2014

Bachmann CM39-8 painted in Mt Newman Livery 5630

Hi All

As per Doug's guess, I am getting into Pilbara modelling again, as such I have had a go at a CM39-8 using the Bachmann model, wanted to see if I could turn it into something more presentable.

Here are the basis steps.

The first thing, disassemble the model so that you can strip the body, remove all the window glass, couplers, handrails etc, and place them in a container for safe keeping.

Mentholated Spirits does a descent job of removing the paint, make sure the body is completely submerged give some time for the Metho to attack the paint, and use an old toothbrush, this should get the paint off.

I started with with accuflex paints, Primer, couple of coats.
reefer white, three coats only in the areas that will be white.
one coat of Milwaukee Orange.
One blast of clear gloss.

The decal set is MnJ for the CM39-8,  for some reason the BHP AC6000CW decal sheet has CM39-8 name plates, so I also used them.

Hand painted the fuel tank and steps, Humbrol matt black.
Bogies, double skin roof and exhaust was painted Silver.

Now for the delicate stuff.
A wash of matt black at various strengths, working on the grilles and panels.
A wash of darker Pilbara dust, into the nooks and crannies.
An overspray of Pilbara dust, and its starting to look the part.

I think the end result is pretty good, definitely better than the Bubble - bunnings scheme.

If you feel inclined this model is currently listed on ebay.



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