Sunday, February 16, 2014

BLI BHP Billiton AC6000CW 6073 and 6076 weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

I have been busy again, and the result was two BLI BHP Biliton AC6000CWs.
All I can say these were more work that it seems, the silver and the terracotta colour on the model was totally NQR.  So in the end I ended up just about repainting both.

This was quite a colour matching challenge, I started with knocking out the plastic blue out of the silver, so this pushed it back to a white colour.  then I followed up with a wash of silver mixed with black and very light blue.  Studying my photographs, I had to paint the cab roof and the nose silver for 6073, and for 6076 the nose and windscreen silver.
The cab name plates were removed, and the correct ones from MnJ were added.
the terracotta colour was mixed and washed over all locations.

For 6076, the BHP Iron Ore lettering has worn through, in certain locations the undercoat was also exposed along with the original BHP blue.
This is what really took the time to get right.

With that tackled, all the grilles were given a wash which matched Pilbara, always add some red!
A mix of wash was made up to stain the fuel tank and walkways.

An iron ore wash, as added to locations, across the nose and walkways and body sides as applicable, this was also washed across the steps and pilots.

Then chalks worked into all the areas as required.

A mix of iron ore dust, was then oversprayed on the model.
Following flat black around the exhaust.
everything was then sprayed flat clear.

The end result, I think I have pulled ugly good out of ugly bad.

One for me 6073, and one for Ebay 6076.

Here is the real 6076


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  1. Hi;
    great job. Have you thought about tackling the cab window blocking out and adding the shields for the windscreens???