Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mukiteo WA Boeing branch shunt job BNSF GP38-2s

Hi All

Here are some shots of BNSFs Boeing shunt job in Mukiteo WA.

 BNSF 2081 and 2076 waiting to push up the hill into Boeing's Everett plant.

 A Dash-9 and Two ES44ACs thunder south through Mukiteo WA with an intermodal train.
 The Altas code 83 is well weathered!
 The Boeing shunt job pushes up the branch, there is a five chime on the Caboose now, sort of catches you off guard!
get into it blokes! 4000hp on non aspirated energy going straight out the top.
Still a great little operation, the train shunted the Boeing plant and came back with a five pack loaded with empty high containers.

thanks Scott

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