Sunday, February 15, 2015

SDS models LPG tanker Aftrans VTGX SPEED - E - GAS NTHF Origin PTLY

Hi All

Well Steve from SDS Models has been really busy, and has done some great work.  He seems to be a manufacture that is really passionate about the hobby, and is shows in his work.
He has a model that is perfect for Alice Springs, Barcoola, Whyalla and Port Augusta!

So Firstly I should say "thanks man".

I have seen two Aftrans VTGXs at the lead to Pimba in 1991, I assume this was for transshipping to Olympic Dam project or other.
Here is a picture.

So this means, 1980s pack A, is spot on!
 I have also seen a SPEED -E - GAS tanker at Alice Springs, so pack B is spot on!

For ultra modern PTLY in Origin, is perfect for Ultra modern Alice Springs, as this is still be used between Whyalla and Alice Springs is spot on!

So Steve thanks!

Enjoy Scott.

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