Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alice Springs photos from 1965

Hi All

I have been snooping around Weston Langfords website

Found some interesting shots of Alice Springs back in 1965.
Below is a shot of the Locomotive Depot
An overal shot of the yard from ANZAC hill.
What has to be a very new NT65, the original carriage shed to the left.
A view of the original water tank, in the yard, note the design. Also check out the NT with what looks like the original design, trackable bogie.
The street side of the section station for Alice Springs.
The home stick at the enterance to the yard.

Some shots in 1999.

ANZAC hill again

Loading Motorail wagons on the south bound Ghan.

Would like to see what else he has on his site? click the search function below:

Nice work.



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