Friday, October 9, 2015

The 2015 drink drive world discovery tour

Hi All

Here are some pictures of this years tour.
First train of the trip
XR557 and XR558 on the tocumwal goods.
 XR558 is getting some nice fade effect.
 At Narrandra we spotted Grain Corps' 48203 48201 and 48205 are loading the final half of their train.  The 81 class is next to the loader, to repeat the requested movements from the silo staff, which didn't have a radio.

 Silo operator repeating instructions to the crew member in the airconditioned 81 class.
 At Parkes we snaffled G513 and an SSR on a loaded Westerns grain job
 Venerable C509 at Parkes loco.
 next morning we spotted FIE003 FIE002 and FIE001 at the fletchers siding north of Dubbo.
A high end operation, heavy investment for long term gain,  SSR guys to the ops.

 A quick trip across to Werris Creek, we saw where all the XGAYs are stored in all the loops along the way.
However we snaffled Scott with a John Holland ballast train heading for West Tamworth tonight, then onto Armidale.
48s34, 48s28, 869, 48s35, 442s1
 At the Gap we got a PN loaded Coal train TT120 9306 9203
 Now loaded the john Holland continues north.

next morning slightly rearranged on its way north to Armidale.
 Shunting Armidale
 Back to Curlewis, for BRM002 and 4911 on a rail train.

next morning at Gunnedah,MM02 with some real hardcore weathering.
 The bankers at Chilcotts Creek
 QRN empty Coal through Ardglen with 5024 and 5012

 Next morning at Warabrook, C506 C505 and C504 combine with an ex sandgate goods.
 BM7 had LDP007 LDP003 and G516.
 8243, 8231, 8212, 8234 with an empty coal job.
Not a bad mornings work.

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