Sunday, January 10, 2016

Selected shots from Western Australia

Hi All

Here is a selection of shots from my WA trip.

AC4307 ACB4405 mid train ACB4406 ACA6010, on their way south to Esperance with a loaded ore through Salmon gums.

Peak hour at Esperance the loaded fuel train and empty ore await the loaded into the yard.

Q4016 and AC4303 head north with the weekly fuel train, to West Kalgoorlie.

Overview of Albany yard, A P and a PA can be seen in the Loco depot and the two CBHs can be seen stabled near the Silos.

Kieren blasts east out of Forrestfield with the Malcom goods Q4011, laying into the air horns as usual.

MinRes empty

SCTs CSR005 on their new container shuttle to Freo.

LZ3111 shunting acid and fuel tankers Kwinanna Beach.

PM1 departs with 6009 LDP001 and LDP002,

LZ3114 makes up the evening goods to Perth at West Kalgoorlie

What has to rate as Australia's most comfortable train.  The Prospector.

The West end of West Kalgoorlie yard, the SCT barrels through while a Empty Ore job waits is crew.

ACC6032 ACB4401 ACB4402 snake across to the Main only to penalty brake just clear of the stick.

ACB4403 on the Hampton Shunt with loaded acid wagons,

Q4009 heads back to west Kalgoorlie with the Cockburn shunt.

Q4008 with a redmine nickel shunt job.

6001 and 6003 on PM1

Q4016 Q4006 and an AC on the Cockburn cement shunt.

SCTs PM9 with SCT010 doing the honors.

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