Thursday, January 21, 2016

Things to look out for, in 2016

So here is a few things turning up this year that are great for the AN modeler.

In no particular order is SDS, with Railex containers including the twisties container, mmmm i think there is a bit of Barcoola infuence here!  About time I reckon!

A guy I think is such a doer, when he was working on his POLA Port of Los Angles, layout, he realised that you cant get proper chain link fencing with barbed wire, so he has just made it.

So onya Bernard Kempinski!  These will be great for Alice Springs industrial area and any future layout with this type of fencing,

His blog, 

Finally after way too long Ausicion have said they will release the AQSY

By the blurb on their site, looks like it was written in 2008 so waiting just the right amount of time??
In the AN era and even todaay these wagons are everywhere!
Anyway here is the link,

You might also have noticed that I have updated the Blog appearance, added Blogs I follow, and updated my profile.

CYA soon
, scott


  1. September 2008 to be exact. Wonder who wrote it????



  2. Well your finger prints seem to be all over it! I see they are not offering the SCT variants.

  3. Might be a red set released for some tanks to be fitted.

  4. Well that is good news, SCT and GWA need the fuel gins!