Thursday, March 1, 2018

Build your own cheap wagon storage boxes

Hi All

After much thought, we have come up with a design for wagon storage and transportation boxes for Murray River Bridge.

I had used a combination of boxes made from archive boxes and Auscision boxes.  Both were not 100% suitable, and resulted in damage to rolling stock. Having said that Ben Grey has a solve for the Auscision boxes which is quite simple.

Anyway here is our solve, Christmas tree boxes.
With shelves made from 3mm MDF and 19mm by 42mm pine.  lined with old blankets (Helens idea).
30mm foam inserts to stop wagons from touching another, and most importantly can be picked up by the sides or ends (not top loaded), which also means that I can store double stack wagons.

Cost is about $7.50 per shelve, and thus $52.50 for seven shelves which will fit in to one Christmas tree box $28.00 thus all up cost $80.50 for storing 110 wagons (depending on wagon size and height of course).

Here is a quick video.



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  1. Nice idea. I use a lot of Auscision boxes and line then with Glad Go-Betweens which is a high density plastic film and stops the detail catching on the foam lining. Some wagons though are just a bad length for the silver and gold boxes so I will improvise with other random boxes and bubble wrap. Cheers