Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ramping up for the next big challenge, Murray River Bridge goes interstate

Hi All

Murray River Bridge is going on on a long trip to an exhibition.
I have been preparing for this for a while.

Here is my aim for this is:
  • The layout or layouts can be put into the trailer and the 4X4 (including all the support equipment).
  • The Layout - layouts can be set up by two people, IE Helen and me.
  • reduction of boxes to bring, standardize things.  Ryobi BloX to hold the locomotives, controllers, tools, power supplies etc.  Everything has its place and is secure (no small boxes).
  • New lighting, LED light panels for a start, custom built transit carry assembly.
  • Easy to unload and load rolling stock, only two boxes, that can be done by anyone.
  • Install point motors on the fiddle - staging yard, this is simply to make the operation of the layout easier for one person operation.
  • Good Presentation and inter-reaction with the public - audience, add a story to the layout, where it is and what it was like in the day, maybe even handouts etc, it give people a back story and I think its important even if you are modeling a real location.
  • Correct Trains consists for the era,this sounds simple but alot of work needs to go into correct composition.
  • finally,and hopefully, provide a modeler with inspiration.
Enjoy, Scott

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