Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Murray River Bridge new LED panel lights for the new wide boards

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After making the decision to widen Murray River Bridge by about 2 feet, I needed to make new lights that would cover the expansive display area.

After a long think about it, I came up with a solution to the problem I created.

LED panel lights are replacements for normal dual florescent tube lights.

LED panels are very thin, about 10mm thick, and thus are fairly light weight.

I selected the 4000K light from Lighting Style.

In bulk they are fairly cheap, 295mm by 1200mm by 10mm high, they come with a 240vac plug and transformer.
Thus in transit the Transformer can be removed from the light.

To hang the panels over the layout, I did some research on what would be available, I settled n Qubelok, from Aluminium Trade Centre.

I didn't want to spend time cutting up the Aluminium, or trying to figure out how it get it to fit.  Qubelok does this for me.

They have offer a length of Aluminium with a 7mm leg, designed for glass inserts, I figured I could use this as a "shelf" to hold the LED light panel in.  The Qubelok sections are 25.4mm wide so thick enough to protect the LED light panel inside the frame.

I designed a rectangular top to take the  LED light panel, that would reach over the layout by 4ft 4 inches. Qubelok is available in custom lengths and they will cut that quite accurately.
frames can be assembled using leg Joiners, in the Qubelok library.

Thus you can have all this pre cut, with eg Joiners you want, all sent to you as a package.

Another design requirement was that the lights would fit in the back of the truck easily.
Thus had to be able to be easily broken down.
I designed the legs attached to the light panels to be short, and behind the back drop I designed stands with telescoping fittings that would accept the feet for the frames, thus it would be an easy assemble and dis assemble, IE no tools required.

Here is a video of how they all fit in.

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