Thursday, July 12, 2018

Barcoola happening for the remainder of this year, Murray River Bridge and others.

Hi All

Well the tail end of this year is going to be busy.
Firstly, by the end of this year Murray River Bridge will have been to three exhibitions in three different states of Australia.

Roger and Dave have collaborated to put a BC Rail layout into production, I am handling the base  construction, simply because I have the space and the capacity.

New Aussie layout to be put into production (I am down to two candidates, and this is just for exhibition purposes).  I expect this to be completed fairly quickly.

I have designed a purely ultra modern layout, but this needs to be 30ft long, so I might have to wait for the house build to kick that one off.  However I am hoping to use the current fiddle yard, with and additional board in it.

Barcoola inspiration, I got some good feed back from a fellow Blogger telling me they used my ultra modern grain operations blog as inspiration for the design of their layout.
Taking the concept further and adding container operations and being more prototypical to the location they were modeling.  They shared their design, and I was very impressed, design features included.
Lots of space between locations.
A less is more approach, less track, thus reducing construction time, and increasing operator satisfaction.
A very intelligent main yard design which increased the mainline run, while maintaining a prototypical feel.
Walk in layout, with lots of operator space.
No fiddle - staging yard, getting to replicate the compete operations is somehow very satisfying,
A great operational concept, not too complicated, not covered in track, not a nightmare to build, looks like it goes somewhere, just the right amount of complexity, without being a brain teaser.

I am happy that the blog could provide a modeler with the just the right amount of inspiration to distill their wants, evaluate what they could realistically achieve.

With the boards already up, they are well on their journey and I can't wait to see this layout grow to completion.

Enjoy Scott

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