Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Proposed new layout "Huddleston Curves"

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There is no doubt that I enjoy investigating new layout concepts, setting mock ups out to see if they are visually striking etc.
Following the end of the Epping Rosehill exhibition, the train room was empty and I had a chance to mock up a proposed layout called "Huddleston Curves".  Huddleston is a location just East of Crystal Brook, on the Broken Hill line.  For South Oz gunzels, its a fairly iconic location.
The area has a set of very appealing reverse curves, trains always look good going around reverse curves.
The old narrow gauge mainline also comes very close to the standard gauge mainline at this location.

The location can span alot of eras, given the concrete sleepers were laid in 1990, basically, this location has remained the same till now.

Thus I could have AN era trains and ultra modern trains without modification of the location.

The proposed model would just be the Standard gauge mainline, and the sections of the right of way for the old narrow gauge.  Thus another "no station" type of layout.
Doug has coined the phase, "operating Diorama", I guess that's fairly accurate.

I find if you clear your mind of needing a station, the modelling potential is almost limit less.

The proposed layout will fit into the current train room, in fact would be narrower than MRB and would use the same fiddle yard.

Here is a video of the mock up.



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