Monday, April 1, 2019

Rudall South Australia ultra modern detail shots

Hi All

For those that need to be obsessive about things, I am looking at a small layout on a ultra modern version of Rudall (pronounced) Rud -dal.
This location is on the soon to be closed Eyre Peninsula "lower" region. 
Rudall is great for watching the train reverse and accomplishing a double shunt.  The train is longer than the single double ended siding, thus requires the double shunt.
It seems that the bunker at the south end of town is the main reason for these trains, I would guess that the town silos are only for any overflow.

I have been slowly collecting rolling stock for such a layout.


  1. Your pictures have really captured the feel of the place. Thank you for sharing your ideas, and I wish you the best for what will be an interesting layout

  2. Good choice, love the EP! HOn3.5 or S scale?

    1. at this stage HO 3.5 as I have the hoppers and the Mechanisms, it really comes down to the space available.