Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barcoola MKII pix part 5

Hi All

Attached are some pix of the Tea and Sugar, in the yard and crossing over the CAR on to the TAR on to Cook. We have a shunt procedure down pat now which consists of T&S arriving at Barcoola, the empty Van water and fuel tanks are removed from the triangle sidings, and replaced with "fresh" loaded wagons. empty wagons are stored in the yard. Loaded open wagons are picked up from the ballast siding, and replacement empty open wagons positioned. The T&S then departs the yard, for Cook. In the fiddle yard the train is reversed. The "bomber" then arrives in Barcoola from Cook. The Bomber then picks up the empty wagons, previously positioned in the yard by the T&S, and deposits the empty ballast wagons then departs for Port Augusta.





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