Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi All

We had a very successful exhibition at Hobson's Bay 2010. We caught up with many, and fun was had by all.

We managed to squeeze some pictures in on sunday and monday in some of the lulls between heavy traffic. As usual the Saturday morning was the busiest. Most of the changes to the layout were more unseen between Caulfield 2009 and Hobson's bay 2010. These included the following:
cutting down the four of the five heavy ply boards and converting them to the same format as the new boards. This enabled all the scenery boards to be loaded into the one 6by4 trailer.
Rewiring four of the old boards to DCC only.
Building new lighter free standing legs for the four older boards
Building five new lights to better spread the light, this turned out to be obvious not only in the photos but also the additional heat generated, which at the end of the day you really started to feel.

The down side:
One wiring fault (my bad) on one of the new boards. All the GM's seemed to have their chips fried at the last exhibition and refused to be reprogramed, EL53 sound equiped was also fried #$%^& it!

Any way here are some the un modified, small res shot of the layout, more to come.



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