Monday, October 31, 2011

AFIY details, athearns new genesis series.

Hi All
Attached are some shots of the Athearn Genesis 89ft flats, and a previous 86ft flat re tooled.

The underframe detail.

The hand brake detail.

The ASF number five detail, note the different, fifth wheel mating plates.

The overiders, the early versions had timber overriders, where later or repaired wagons used steel box sections.

As you can see the differences in lengths.

The weight of this model is spot on for a flat car. The detail of this new tooling, is sweet. The only desision I have to make, do I cut them up to the right length, and which versions to model.
The plastic couplers have to go, with long trains, there seems to be no substitute for the good old Kadee number 5.

So yes, I had checked out the "trucks" box to see if I had enough spare trucks to cover any addtional flat cars. Yes I have more than enough to load these flats.


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