Monday, October 31, 2011

The Railmotor models PBGY's are here.

The PBGY prototype.
Some of the PBGYs are fitted with independent brake pipe, which is an advantage when controlling a heavy train, for example in a loop when the independent brake is applied, the brakes on the locomotives and PBGYs so fitted are also applied. Such and example is shown above.

Here is a great example of a short SCT train, this train leaves Adelaide on Sunday morning to connect with 7GP1 at Spencer Junction, and returns with loading from PG2 a perfect modeling example.

GM45 either a Lima kit bash, or Future due Trainorama model

442 from Austrains

80 Class from Austrains

Relay van kit bashed BGB Bluebird kit

PBHY possible kit bash from a PBGY

2 X PBGY From Railmotor models

The PBGY model.

Glen has already picked up some, the ultra modern version of Baroola is one step closer.

The underfame detail.

The end detail

The different types.

In discussion with Glen, and considering size of trains we intend to operate, we will have to figure out how to add a little bit of weight. Apart from that, its a great addtion to the ultra modern fleet. I am even thinking of kitbashing one into a Greater Freighter.

Anyway, Enjoy


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