Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Sadliers Vans

Hi All
On the way to Sydney, we managed to find a SP5 goods at Cootamundra, this goods had a number of NLKYs in the consist.

With the old National Rail Symbol and is turning slowly white.

The different louvered version in the latest livery.

Again slowly weathering white, not the Sadliers panel has been ripped off from the wagon, is probably in the dust somewhere on the TAR.

A nice mix of Sadliers vans.

SP5 waits just outside of Cootamundra West, while they attend to the safeworking, yes that right pulling a staff in 2011 on a mainline, then setting the level crossing gates.

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  1. G'day Scott,nice pics of Sadleirs vans. I have one request Is about Double stacks from end 90s with Boxcar,TNT Automotive,Mayne logistics,Scott mate could you post some closer images of this glory time? We hope you do. Cheerio. David