Sunday, March 24, 2013

Auscision AHGX's weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

Here is some shots of faded weathering on Auscision Models AHGX, the results shown here are brush painted with some chalk dust, the example below is modeled off AHGX 11.

A gaggle of four weathered AHGX's
 Here is the original Auscision paint job, with just the bogies slightly weathered.
 All models were painted an all over faded green first, then the ends and underframe was painted a road grime colour.  Rust spots were added.  In this example chalks were added to reflect the weathering on AHGX 11.

 The horizontal sections of the A and B ends have been painted road grime, along with the I beams at both ends.

I still have to give each wagon an overall dusting of weathering and seal the model with a matt clear coat.



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