Monday, March 4, 2013

"Tin roof rusty" VLEX, ABFX weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

To parody the B52's Love Shack (not a big fan myself), here are some shots of my attempts of "tin roof Rusty".
I have been having a blast getting back into weathering, and this is my latest batch.

Front to back, Is a Powerline VLEX, and Four Ausicion ABFX's, for the rust stains , a mix of Humbrol colours  was dabbed on in short sections, while it's still wet, you can smear the stain with a brush, to add a bit of depth you can have a little weathering chalk dust on the brush, to give that extra depth.

After adding the rust stains, the roof was sprayed a light coating of antique white to cut the shine on the silver.  Then a heavier coat of a custom mix of road grime,   followed by matt clear. 

I find that red wagons need something a little extra to offset the dull colour, I would recommend a sand  or more antique white, to pep up the browns and reds.

Another extreme AN green ABFX, I used photo examples to get the base colour right, then added the rust spots on the roof and scratch marks on the wagon sides, from photos, it seems that in the process of loading and un-loading the inside of the wagon would get a bit of a battering, however the closer to the door opening the more punishment it got, so the damage near the ends of the wagon seem to be less than around the doors.  The end result is that the panels would rust on the outside, from the damage caused on the inside.

Three versions on Maroon ABFX's,some of these were done using  Pelle K Soeborg's Done in Day book techniques, for what its worth, they didn't seem to be a successfull as I thought.  It ended up with more of a rotten growth on the roof.  I will keep experimenting, to see what I come up with.

Exhibit A un-touched, Exhibit B weathered.

Side rust marks complete the model, as does swapping the bogies for Yellow.

As per request, here is the recipe for the AN green, sorry it is not that definitive, but here goes.
First and foremost you need a photograph of the colour you intend to model.
Check out Norm Bray's site, I am sure you will find a suitable subject.  This is the colour you are after.  If you are the type that is all about paint specs and colour chips, this process may not be for you, this is not an exact science!

Start with Humbrol 101 green, I use a plastic tray with 6 self contained compartments, as a mixing tray.
Add a small amount of 101 green, you usually have to mix the green first to get all the pigments mixed in, so what ever drops off your mixing stick.
Add to this some Humbrol Matt white.
Check the photo to see if you are getting close with the hue.
When you think you have gone too far add a touch of royal blue.
This will knock the yellow out of the paint, and give you something close.




  1. Great job on the weathering. The green ABFX looks superb. You have really capture the faded green colour and rusted look as on the prototype.

    Are you able to share the recipe for the faded green?


  2. Thanks Scott, I will make uses of this technique when I next weather an ex AN wagon.


  3. Hi Scott, Brilliant stuff given me a few good idea. I have had an interest in AN since they arrived here in WA. Not having much space I decided to model a train for a shelf, the train is trailerrail as you will know was set up in Perth some time ago. I have attached a video clip below which I took in Kal. The reason for the enquiry is I wish to model the barrier wagon and crew accomadation coach along with what seemd like a compressor wagon which I see three such models in these pages, can you point me in the right dirrection.