Monday, July 22, 2013

Alice Springs milestone reached

Hi All

A week ago, Peter turned up to say g'day and check out his new "Mafia boss black" Merc.
After catching up we discussed various problems, and it was obvious that Alice Springs needed as much aisle width as it can get.  Peter's layout is N scale, and during operations he recommended nothing less than a metre.  Going back to my current plan there was a pinch point that was right at the wrong spot.  This was not going to work.
After playing dominoes with the boards I have already built, I cam up with a slightly modified version, this allows for slightly over 3 ft aisle, much better way of doing things.

I did this by removing the 3ft by 5ft board and shifting the other two boards north to mate with the side of the end of Alice Springs yard.
Please see below, to photos that illustrate the final configuration.

I have also built the legs for these three new boards, thus at this point in time, I have completed all the woodwork for Alice Springs.

I have ordered points and tracks, for this new addition and the fiddle yard.  All I need now is a new shipment foam so that I can get the layout to the next level of completion.



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