Monday, November 16, 2015

Future layout concepts part 3

Hi All

Here is another version, this is an ultra modern version.
The major focus is grain, and containers.

The concept here is an out an back branchline operation.  This means a crew would sign on at the major yard and then head off to a silo location, load and return, in one shift if possible.

However its not as easy as it seems, as per prototype most of the loops are shorter than the average train, with a one silo service, this means some tricky shunting and ensure that you are not blocking the road, on ute for shunting, so more ground work, and then train order etc.

One loading point does not even have a run around loop, lots of re arranging.

finally a main line only hard stand area, so an out, run around then back to the hard stand location and strip and back load.

town silos to the left, Junction town Silos to the right.

 Major yard

Hard stand area.
 Two branches back to back, the middle would have a double sided back drop.

major yard.

High speed loader, at the end of this branch.

Well at least it interesting to play around and see that would work etc.
I was worth discovering the train length, saved me $500 in hopper purchases.




  1. A very interesting concept Scott. How wide is the room? Looks to be at least 4.5m. You've got me rethinking my layout design now.

    Also, with most of the grain silos in NSW, if they are tractor shunting or loose shunting, they need the silo in the middle of the siding and generally a catch point or similar to ensure wagons are not accidentally shunted onto the mainline (runaway).



  2. Hi Chris, The room is 4.3 metres wide by 7.9 metres long.
    I am glad this post has got you at least a little inspired!
    I agree there is more to grain operations than meets the eye.

    Thanks Scott