Monday, November 2, 2015

Future layout concepts part 1

Hi All

Here are some pictures of a proposed layout mock up.
I find that even a simple plonking of track and scenery mock ups, is almost fundamental to good planning.

Here is a picture of the industrial area, I had originally designed this as a 3ft width, with a centre back drop however with positioning planning it was clear that 4ft width was much more appropriate, and would enable the industrial area to be replicated without a backdrop, a much better result.

Even though its an industrial area, I wanted to maintain high standards, 3ft radi and gentle transitions, for no other reasons than to reduce coupler lock and derailments.

The plan is a very close replication of the prototype track plan, this makes life so much easier.

 The ladder arrangement had to re jigged to ensure points were not close to proposed board joins.

 The point work on the start of the industrial branch.

I am happy I made this full size mock up, even if you might have just a pipe dream, Sometime you just have ask yourself the important questions::
Will it fit?
Does it look like you envisaged?
Will it be operationally suitable?
Is the access acceptable, are there any black spots?
Are the train lengths I am after possible?

Its always interesting to see where you could go with your modeling, and nothing like seeing it in full size!


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