Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alice Springs ultra modern rolling stock progress.

Hi All

Here is some pictures of the rolling stock for ultra modern Alice Springs.

FQWYs are BGM kit bashes, seven sets, note: you must paint them black before undercoat, to stop them looking opaque.
FQAYs are cut down walthers kits, three down four to go, in progress!
CHAYs are walthers, fair bit of work to get them to operate correctly.
CQXYs are undec Auscision 45ft flats.
PTMYs are Athearn genesis tankers.
I have included Sadliers vans RLSYs no reason just thought I would like to have a couple, and some SCT vans, purely to keep the Alice Springs shunters busy.

Everything is bening coverted to Kadee number #5 couplers, because I have a stack of them and they work.

Enjoy scott

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