Tuesday, February 9, 2016

South Australian Railway station aerial photographs

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i have been doing some research on Port Pirie, I first visited the city in 1989, there were two shunters employed 528 had been recently transferred from Alice Springs.  However I didnt take too many shots of the station surrounds as I thought I would never need to model it.

The plus side is that I witnessed many train movements to and from Port Pirie, so operationally I am in a good place.

The other plus is that the South Australian Government has a web site that you can check out and buy some of their old aerial photographs, I purchased one such photograph for Crystal Brook, yonks ago.

So here is the link:


All you need to do is select a date range, and a location.
Wait and a whole stack of blue pins will pop up.  Select one of the blue pins, and this will bring up all the photos in that range, they will be shown as red flags.
Click on the flag, and a yellow box will appear, showing you the size of the image.  Click the link this will tell you the date of the image.  Click on the thumbnail link and a low res image will show you what the image is like.

Below are some of the low res images.

Port Pirie

Crystal Brook, note th two workers sidings, station, and Goods shed still standing.

so a great reference for SA modelling, check it out.

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