Saturday, September 24, 2016

Auscision SCT001 ans SCT002 GT46ACe class weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

I have started weathering the SCT stock for Barcoola,
This includes two Auscision SCT class locomotives.

First, all the panels and grilles were black washed, using Humbrol paints a mix of matt black #33 matt grey #64 and a touch of grimy brown #98.

A wash of Grey was applied to the foot plate,

Then I mixed up True Color paints, TCP-174 Grime, added TCP-005 White, a dash of TCP-173 Weathered iron oxide, and TCP-070 reefer Orange, this gave me the right mix of grime.

A word of warning, do not use their Grimy Black, for some reason it has green in it, just does not work.

This was then cut with acetone, about 60 to 70% Acetone to 30 to 40% paint.
The reason I do this is to give you more control in "dusting" with repeated passes of the gun, you can get very good control of the paint, as the application is very light.

SCT001 has been dusted, and its fairly subtle, just  compare it to SCT002, which is out of the box with the grilles picked out.

 The final action was to spray Straight black around the exhausts.
 On the prototype, there is a distinctive "bow wave" grime mark below the cab.  Again with good gun control, this is the result.
 Here is SCT001 and SCT002 ready for action on Barcoola.

Here is the prototype shots I worked from.

Enjoy! Scott


  1. Hi Scott. While acetone obviously works as a thinner for air brushing. I would not use a wash thinned with acetone with a brush. Acetone is a very powerful paint stripper. Any physical disturbance by a brush is likely to ruin the paint underneath. I use acetone as a spot paint stripper applied with a cotton bud. I have not found a type of paint yet that was not removed immediately.

    For information of those thinking of throwing a wagon into a bath of acetone to strip it. Be careful. Test it on piece of sprue or similar first. You may find that soaking some plastics in acetone will melt or distort it, destroying the kit. Cheers Doug

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for the tip, I would not use True Color paints and cut it with a acetone and brush paint. However with an airbrush it's a perfect combination!