Monday, May 15, 2017

The Eighth day of new layout construction.

Hi All

Here is some picture of the new layout post day eight and a half.

So I have stared soldering the ladder track points and setting out the tracks for the layout.

Laid out the tracks for the fiddle yard, this is just temporary.

All the boards have the clips installed, thus the entire layout is joined together.

The first of the bridge pylons have been made from Tasmainan Oak.
So for those of you who like a challenge, here are all the letters for the name of the new layout, see what you can come up with, thanks to Helen for getting the letters 😎

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Seventh day of new layout construction

So good progress is continuing, end of day seven.

Legs for the display boards are complete, 10 in total, cut down from previous legs,  you can see the depth required in this shot, vs the fiddle yard.  I made a guide from 6mm MDF so that I could get the curve right, for the mainline!

Fiddle yard boards have been wired.

The same boards are now complete with two layers of 30mm foam and a top of 6mm MDF, Helen gave me a hand with this.

The first fiddle yard board in place, ready for track laying.

The backdrops have been painted.

So at the end of day seven, we have all the boards built.  All the fiddle yard boards wired and complete.  All the legs complete.  Thus about at the half way point.  I reckon, I might have a chance of finishing this Layout in 14 working days......Maybe I should rest?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moving to the Country.

With alot of things happening (not Barcoola related).  We made a decision to move to the country, it was alot of work and false starts, but we finally found a block of land that would suit the new blended family.
This also brings with it a clean slate and the chance to have a custom built house, the concept at this time will be that the back of the house will be double story to take advantage of the "views".  (It's true , blokes don't understand "views").
The lower level will be dedicated "entertainment" area, not to be shut off from the rest of the house, it should include a workshop, storage area, amenities etc and dedicated train room.  No shed in the backyard!   This means that it will become an integral part of our and our friends lives.

Bill, might think we are stalking him (he made the same decision), but we aren't, honest mate!

The house plans are only at the concept stage at this time.
Lots to do, and it should be a great journey.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Fifth Day of New Layout Progress.

This day was half used up in packing up, Alice Springs, Glen gave me a hand before nicking off for another golf expedition.

Items progressed, include:
Back drops from 6mm MDF cut to size.

3mm bases for the fiddle yard board cut to size.

Three scenery boards have their 3mm bases installed.

I made up a drill template which should make building of blanking ends alot simpler and more precise, and it works a treat!
Here are some pictures, as evidence of progress.

A gaggle of boards in various stages of completion.

Here is the underside of board #3 
The top side of board #3 back drop has been fitted and T nuts have been located for the ends and sides.

The cutting board all ready to go.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The fourth Day of New Layout progress

This was a little stunted, as I had more than one thing to accomplish.
However I managed to complete the frames for boards 10 and 11, thus now all complete.
I had to run down to Bunnings for some more 3mm and 6mm MDF, and 12mm ply.
However my Local Bunning store is fairly lousy in maintaining stock in certain items, and getting them ordered in, Well, I have to be honest that almost never works.

So I got on to the Ipad and did some searching, and as luck would have it, I found a mob in SA willing to supply the amount I needed, and had them in stock.
When they arrived on the front door on Saturday, three days after I ordered them, I was most impressed.

Check out,

And case catches

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Third day new layout progress

Hi All
I have made the executive decision to build a new fiddle yard for the new layout, this will be generic.  Also be able to fit into the current train room.  More work but worth it in the long run.
Two boards to go and we are done.  Note that the boards will be squared up with the attachment of the 3mm MDF base.  So don't sweat it!

The lads at DCC concepts have come to the party with the track, should be able to make my deadline.

All ahead full!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The first day of Easter new layout progress

Hi All

So, with a bit of luck, I managed to get all of Easter off.
Which means that I had time to start on some new boards.
First things first, Two 2.4 by 1.2 sheets of 12mm ply have been reduced to kit form.

This is the results of the afternoons work.

Lengths of ply all cut to size.

The 3mm MDF bases are all cut up.

Here is a roughly of the plan, the keen eye will figure it out.

enjoy Scott