Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alice Springs MKI design

Hi All

I have been at it again, in design mode. As previously stated, the design yard it's self has been completed. I have been playing around with various designs. This one is the latest.

The advantage of this design is the distance between sidings. In this version I have managed to get 22ft between Alice Springs and Bow River, and another 22ft between Bow River and the fiddle yeard enterance. All this means that I can have trains mid section and not have to give them an order into station limits.

The other design advantage is the fiddle yard. Sneeking behind Bow River, there is enough room to stable four tracks, with ladder track ends so that the mainline units can cut off and run around. I have also managed to convenently place a triangle at one end.

When in the ultra modern format, trains can depart from Alice Springs and enter the fiddle yard.

No need to flip any boards, in the exhibition format, the fiddle yard would be against a wall. The lights should be easy to fit, either side of centre back drop, with no configuration change from exhibition to home and return. IE what you see is what you get.

Bridges, I am looking at two versions between Alice Spring and Bow River, there is two, low versions. Like the ones near Roe Creek.

South of Bow River, I sould be able to make a 4ft high bridge.

Additional pixs.

In situ pictures of the initial design arrangements made up on the foam base for Alice Springs.

Finaly for Doug, please see a picture of SP3 thumping though Pimba when it actually had a station.



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