Monday, November 22, 2010

RQYY 7004 picture

Hi All

to satisfy Michael & Alex's obsession with RQYY 7004 and double stacks, please see attached.

Modelling notes please see the post of AQYY's.

If any of you have a question regarding AN modeling Port Augusta and north and west please drop a comment and hopefully I can help out.




  1. hi Scott, it is me Michael,

    i realy woulsd like if you can find RQYY whe new but closer shot like this example:

    but double stacked mayne with TNT container.

    hope you will find something to post, i will be glad, and appreciate that.

    all the best.


  2. Hi Scott, just one more request, for years i am looking to find some TNT container photos ,but those white 51ft,TNT Automotive, those which had BIG BOX lettering TNT all over the left side on container, it as a big tall box lettering could you find some closer 3/4 shots, DOUBLE STACKED , but to see the code maybe it was IVY in 500 serie numbers?

    you are so expert in this area so we hope you post some photos of this.

    see photo please second white TNT container on TRAY WITH BIGGER LETTERING:

    or here :

    hope you can find them.