Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Efficiency and planning is the key

Hi All

Like all of us we seem to have less and less time, the secret is to use your wasted down time as planning time.
Be that:
In the car driving home.
On the Train, Tram or Bus on the way home.
On the plane, back from you fly in fly out job, or 8 hours for a conference.
Or even watching bad television, and lets face it your significant other is always asking what you are thinking when you are doing nothing, letting them know might stop them asking the question!
This time can all be utilised, thinking though problems with your design.
Believe me, time spent perfecting designs and planning is never wasted.

After rebuilding Barcoola, I have decided to incorporate a number of design changes in the Alice Springs project.
Limit the number of different height legs, Barcoola has seven different leg heights, I would like to have two or three tops for Alice Springs.
Barcoola corner boards were four different sizes, I would like to limit the different board shapes as much as possible thus streamline total construction.

Plan construction using jigs as much as possible as this will reduce construction time Dramatically.

Organise your work area:
Ensure that you have a dedicated work location that can be left as is, so that you don't waste time with set up and take down times.

Don't work over your own mess, I have a centre bench that can be accessed from both sides, thus is easier and quicker to construct.

use the right tools, good use of nail guns etc, are great for holding things in place quickly, while the glue dries.

Assess exactly how much material you need, and the exact measurements and quantity.

Anyway, give it some thought.

Attached are some original Barcoola constuction shots......



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