Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barcoola gets new legs

Hi All

It been a while between posts, work has had me bouncing around the blue marble this past month, so time is fleeting.

Never the less with good planning, I have managed to construct 16 pairs of new legs for Barcoola, this will enable the corner boards to clear the bar in the Train room.
I had previously thought of adding 100mm ends to each of the current legs, but figured that this would compromise the strength of the legs, and it would be easier to construct new legs from scratch.

I had previously written the length in millimetres on each leg, so all I had to do is record the length of each leg and add 100mm to obtain the new height.

With good planning and the right tools, tasks like this can be accomplished in a very short time.

I made up a shopping list, for the timber, screws, nail gun brads, screws and hinges, this was all accomplished in the afternoon of day one, and was conveniently stacked in the "working" shed. For working on the next day. I managed to cut all the timber and assemble 26 of 32 legs in day two. Using jigs I managed to get construction of each leg down to about 4 minutes.

Tonight I attached all the hinges to all the legs, then swapped out all the old shorter legs for the new legs. The difference in height does not seem much, but when you look over the entire layout, it makes a big difference.

Later I will publish some of the shots taken during construction.

Tasks remaining are:
Rebuilding the bridge board, constructing the new fiddle yard boards, and the third triangle board.

Anyway here is a couple of pictures of MKI again.



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  1. hi there,

    i saw some info about PQYYs,but i am intrested about photos and info of AQWY,RQWYs when double stacked in the pas?

    do u have some info&photos about them?